Every day I feel myself getting closer and closer to the Sleepy Bee Etsy launch…but there’s still a lot of work to do before the shop is ready for unveiling.

The current quest: try to find ways of packaging my creations without betraying the planet.

If I thought it wouldn’t be a deterrent to sales, I’d sell my products just the same way I’ve been giving them away to friends and family–in cleaned-out honey jars, re-purposed yogurt containers, and various other mismatched packaging materials from around the house. I hate to throw containers away, and recycle glass only after I’m certain I can’t find a way of re-using it. I even have a bushel basket full of glass containers sitting atop the pantry shelves that I refuse to recycle “just in case” I can find a use for them!

After nearly 4 hours of sorting through various online packaging wholesalers, I’ve finally found a satisfyingly eco-conscious choice for my tea blends (it’s recycled, and even compostable!), 100% recycled paper to print the labels on, and some lovely natural fiber raffia to wrap everything up prettily. Now, I just need some recycled glass jars and everything will be peachy!